Sunday, June 19, 2011

Patience Like a Bear

Just had to share this...

Today, in the 21 Days of Prayer for Sons challenge, we prayed scripture prayers regarding Patience over our sons.

I decided to share my morning prayer time with my son this morning while he bathed.  As I introduced him to our prayer topic for today, I mentioned we would be praying prayers for patience for him and for all of us.

Here is how the conversation ensued:
"Son, you see, we are going to pray for patience..."

"Patience like a bear?" (We have recently been watching a nature show about bears.)

"I guess so.  Yes, I think bears have patience."

"Yes, mom, they have patience for they pray."

"Bears pray?  Oh, well, I guess you could be right.  Maybe they do pray."

"No, mom, I said they have patience while they wait for their PREY.  You know, the animals they eat are their prey.  They have patience while they wait to attack them and eat them."

"Oh, yes, then you are right.  They surely do have to have patience to find and get their prey at just the right time."
Unbelievable, the conversations you can have with a five-year-old.

And, believe it or not, I did draw some parallels with his little scenario.

We have many little enemies that come at us as a result of the bigger enemy.  Once we recognize certain enemies as being regular and familiar in our lives, we can begin to not only be on the lookout for them in order to defend ourselves from them, but we can also switch to the offensive tactic of stalking them patiently as if they are our prey.  With God's guidance, strength, wisdom, and complete assistance, we can have the patience of a bear and stalk and attack our prey so that we are no longer its prey.  Our former stalker(s) can become a footstool at our feet as opposed to us being trampled by the enemy.

The LORD says to my lord:
   “Sit at my right hand
   until I make your enemies
   a footstool for your feet.”  (Psalm 110:1)
So, I charge you today, 
in the words of my five-year-old son, 
to go out and pray to have 
the patience of a bear 
as you stalk and defeat your prey!


Anne said...

Wow! Awesome Analogy. I am going to share this on my blog and on Facebook. And I'm going to learn to have patience like a bear, and turn my predators in the prey!! Thanks for sharing!

misterp said...

A preacher once told me the more you pray the more evidence you see God answering your prayers, and challenged us all to try it, and I who always a challenge tried it and found out how true it is. And prayer keeps you in tuned with God and Jesus and the Holy Spirit which is the only way we can defeat our prey. Definitely good analogy you haven't lost a beat yet and you continue to amaze me with the great God given talent that you have. your friend misterp

misterp said...

This reminds me of a challenge our preacher gave us once by saying the more you pray the more evidence of God working in your life you will see. So I took him up on his Challenge and found out how very true his statement is. For the only way to Defeat the prey is through God the Father God the Son and God the Holy Spirit and the more we are in tuned with them the better off we are. And yes I agree with Anne a great analogy but then you never cease to amaze me with your God given Talents. Your friend misterp.

Haelie said...

Thank you both for your thoughtful, encouraging words. Glad the analogy hit home with more than just me.

MisterP, you are a wonderful friend and faithful blog follower! I greatly appreciate you...just had to let you know. :o)