Friday, June 10, 2011

Day 3 of 21 Days...and it's a LINK-UP!

Whether or not you "blog", I hope you will enjoy today's "link-up" by clicking on any or all of the links that end up getting posted below so that you can read some of the experiences of my group members as they participate in this 21 Days of Prayer for Sons challenge.  (Throughout the day and even over the next several days more links will begin to appear as the writers/bloggers/parents post their own.)

Bloggers - Link up!  :o)
(21 Days of Prayer for Sons challenge posts only, please)

If you have never participated in a link-up as a blogger, don't worry;  it's easy.  Just click below and follow the directions.  When it asks you for the name of the post, you can name it whatever you want...your name, the post name, your blog's name...whatever.

Also, don't forget to drop by Brooke McGlothlin's Warrior Prayers blog later and link up, too, once she has hers posted.  She may be doing giveaways and such on hers!  :o)

Oh, and in case you are
Day 3...we pray for Integrity!

Now, start reading and/or linking up below, and remember...
leave a comment when you visit each one---even if it is only a brief "Hello."


Alyssa said...

Thanks, Haelie, for this link-up and for your lovely comments on my blog posts! I'm so glad you're our leader :).

Haelie said...

You are so welcome, Alyssa!