Wednesday, June 8, 2011

21 Days of Prayer For Sons Challenge begins TODAY!

Whether or not you followed my participation in the 21 Days of Prayer for Sons challenge in April, you may have heard a little about it by now. 

Or you at least may have noticed that I now have a whole page dedicated to the introduction of it and invitation to it.

Well, that is because this time around I am leading a group of parents and grandparents of boys/men. 

Yep.  The challenge initiator, Brooke McGlothlin, decided to offer the challenge again, but this time to structure it as groups led by volunteer group leaders.  We are now up to almost 50 groups (both online and in person) with a total participation of nearly 1200 parents and grandparents.  (There is even an aunt in my group, as well as some dads!  The sons in question range from pre-birth to adults.) 

My group has over 50 participants.  All of these numbers are growing daily, but this is not about the numbers nor any kind of contest whatsoever.  However, the larger the number the more parents, grandparents, sons and grandsons will be blessed and challenged by these scripture prayers. 

TODAY we begin!!! is NOT TOO LATE if you would still like to hook up with us.  Go check out my page about it (CLICK HERE) and let me know if you are interested in joining my group!

Today we pray for obedience...

Remember when I last prayed scripture prayers for obedience for my son?!  (If not, read about it HERE.)

Keep us in your prayers as we are lifting many prayers to our Father for our sons.

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