Saturday, November 8, 2014

The Ceilings Have Eyeballs (***Warning - Random odd pregnant woman post***)

Hi. It's me. I'm back.

Maybe not with a post you would expect, but back on the blog nonetheless.

Picture this. 

I am 38, barefoot (right now, at least), and nearly 8 months pregnant (and still working full-time outside the home).

My sweet son is 9 and is excited about welcoming his new baby sister into this family and world around the week of Christmas. (I'll get back to that sweet son in a second.)

My husband is overseas working for several months and has already been there for almost 4 months.

All of our extended family lives at at least 5 hours away from us, though we are blessed with many wonderful friends ("family away from family" as I often call them) in our community and church.

Still, some days and moments are tough with just the two of us (and my big baby-filled belly) (and our mini-dachshund) in this house. I could go down the list for you of tough times we have faced in these 4 months (visa issues, financial issues, son with broken arm, illness on both sides of the world, gestational diabetes, strangers approaching my house at night...) but I won't bore you with the details.

Suffice it to say, there is never a dull usual.

But tonight. I just have to say... 

Who in their right mind came up with the concept of fake, rubber eyeballs to hand out to kids as a fall/Halloween toy?! 

(Sorry if you are the innocent culprit and are reading this right now. 
I know you thought it was a great idea, as I would have as well.)

(And I know anyone who disagrees with even having a Fall Fest around Halloween time will probably soon be saying I got what I deserved, but oh well.)

My sweet son had the wonderful inspiration to throw this cute little greasy, rubber eyeball as high into the air as he could (INSIDE the house) earlier this evening. (Can't blame him. Most kids would do the same.)

What happened to it?!

Of course, it stuck to our very high, vaulted ceiling. In our house we RENT. That is painted with MATTE finish paint which shows grease stains indefinitely.
(***Landlord Tip - Do NOT paint your rent houses' walls and ceilings with matte finish paint!!! Semi-gloss, please?!?!?)

Well, at first, I thought, no big deal. I'll just let it hang out there for a bit and it will eventually fall like those sticky hands and sticky spiders do. And, if not, I can just knock it down with a broom handle. Shouldn't be that bad.

Fast forward several hours. Sweet boy is in bed sleeping soundly. I am up enjoying some quiet, semi-alone time for once, catching up on reading blog posts that are inspiring me to write again for the first time in ages.

Finally, as I am dozing on the couch, I look up at the eyeball staring at me from the ceiling (which kind of resembles a security video camera at this point). I can't just leave it up there all night.

So, I proceed to try to get it down.

I won't explain the attempted process, but yes, it did involve a broom handle...and much more.

I was as creative as I could safely be (though probably danced on the border of the safe part just a tad), and then I finally cried "Uncle!" for the night (among many other rumblings).

I gave in. I threw in the towel. I quit!

And the eyeball is still on the ceiling. No longer as round as it was, but now more of a spread out blob. And surrounded by a long, wide greasy streak all over the ceiling...kind of like the trail of a really plump snail.

See?! (no pun intended)

I guess the eyes have it!

Hope my landlord doesn't try to come by anytime soon...

And as far as this post getting spiritual, you can bet I was praying the whole time. I am safe and unharmed, aren't I?! And I know someone will soon swoop in and be an answer to another one of my prayers to come save my ceiling from this eyeball.

Until then, I guess someone, or something, 
has a good eye on us. ;)

Nite nite!

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