Saturday, July 21, 2012

Comfort...Here it is.

Listening to the last chapter of today's Bible reading in my Bible in 90 Days Summer Reading Challenge journey. (I am past the half-way mark on this journey!)

What a perfect, timely passage to wrap up this week for me!

Much needed comfort is here.

Read or listen here along with me:

Sunday, July 8, 2012

Butterflies, Botanists, and Bumblebees

Which are you?

"A Look into My Garden" as written by H. P. Barker

H.P. Barker gives a graphic illustration that points up the need for both knowing and applying the Bible's truths.

As I looked out into the garden one day, I saw three things.

First, I saw a butterfly. The butterfly was beautiful, and it would alight on a flower and then it would flutter to another flower and then to another, and only for a second or two it would sit and it would move on. It would touch as many lovely blossoms as it could, but derived absolutely no benefit from it.

Then I watched a little longer out my window and there came a botanist. And the botanist had a big notebook under his arm and a great big magnifying glass. The botanist would lean over a certain flower and he would look for a long time and then he would write notes in his notebook. He was there for hours writing notes, closed them, stuck them under his arm, tucked his magnifying glass in his pocket and walked away.

The third thing I noticed was a bee, just a little bee. But the bee would light on a flower and it would sink down deep into the flower and it would extract all the nectar and pollen that it could carry. It went in empty every time and came out full.
~H. P. Barker

I just had to share that with you all today. 

I will also add one of my own observations.

The other day while walking through the French Quarter of New Orleans on a drizzly afternoon with my family, I suddenly felt an intense burning on one of my fingers.

Yep, a "friendly" little honeybee had stung me and left his weapon behind. Let me just say...OUCH!!! For hours...even days I remembered that bee very vividly.

My observation in connection to Mr. Barker's illustration is that we should be so full of the nectar and pollen of God's word that, when necessary, we are able to wield our Sword of the Spirit defensively or even offensively as the little bee did with his stinger. I must say, he was quite effective in injecting his version of the truth into my situation. I pray I can be much like him with the things I learn from my time in God's Word. One way I hope to not emulate him, however, is that I hope not to inject the Truth of God in a painful way, but rather in a way that is thought-provoking and even enticing---kind of like honey, sweet and sticky.

So, with all of that in mind, again I ask---
~Butterfly, Botanist, or Bumblebee~
Which are you today?