Monday, March 12, 2012

Today is Your Best Day

Do you remember the best day of your life?

How about your worst?

How does today fit on that spectrum?

Would you say Today is your BEST day?! 

I probably wouldn't have said that about any of my days over these past couple of weeks.
  • Settling in from yet another move
  • Woke up on deflated Sleep Number bed. 
  • Couldn't find clothes to wear that weren't crumbled up in bags or boxes from the move...finally did but running late. 
  • A couple of miles down the road from the house the car started making a funny (funny bad, not funny good) noise and vibrating.
  • Turned around and quickly got to know the local mechanic. (Thank the Lord for the recent referral from my pastor!) 
  • Two days later, kind-hearted mechanic had exhausted all options for locating a new or rebuilt TRANSMISSION at a reasonable price so he called to refer us to the local transmission specialist. (Does the word "reasonable" really fit in that sentence?!)
  • Today is nearing two weeks in rent's nice and the kind mechanic got us a good rate but the bill for it is ticking up by the day.
  • Still waiting on final estimate for rebuilding our transmission so we can say, "Just rebuild it already!" (Okay, maybe not quite like that, but there are moments these past couple of weeks I honestly feel like that.)
So, can I say Today is my best day?!

Honestly, yes, now I can.

After reading Roy Lessin's strength-building, Spirit-filled, soul-inspiring devotionals in his book Today is Your Best Day, I can truly say that Today is MY best day for many reasons.

Just a few of the many reasons Lessin gives (after the AMAZING introduction you just cannot skip over...) show that Today is our best day because of:
  • Faith
  • Truth
  • Grace
  • God's Plan, Wisdom, Knowledge, Presence, Leading and Timing
  • Love
  • Redemption through the Blood of Jesus on the Cross
  • Joy
  • Peace
  • Grace
  • Preparation, Motivation, and Change
  • Your Foundation
  • Forever
  • Heaven
  • Salvation
God truly shows me hour-by-hour that He is intimately involved in the details of my life and that He loves me with an everlasting love. Even BEST day...He has shown me again through the unexpected financial blessings bestowed on us by loved ones in our time of need.

However, even if those unexpected blessings had not come, I could still say it is my best day. Whether in plenty or in need, in sorrow or happiness, in exhaustion or exuberance - Today is my best day.  Why?  Hear Lessin's poetic clarity in convincing us of such:
You may be going through a very difficult time today, but that does not mean it is your worst day. God will use the difficulty to produce precious things within you that you will treasure in days to come. There may be pressures in your day, but God uses pressure to form diamonds. There may be a fiery trial in your day, but God uses fire to purify gold. There may be an irritant in your day, but God uses irritants to create pearls. If you are in need of comfort today, God will bring His comfort to you, and the comfort you receive will help you comfort someone tomorrow.
Corrie ten Boom once said, "God doesn't have problems, He only has plans." God doesn't make bad days for you and good days for you. God makes each day fit perfectly into His plans for you. He made this day so you could glorify Him. He made this day so that He could draw you closer to His heart. He made this day so that you could see your life from faith's point of view. 
I could quote all day long from this book, but instead I will just say that you need to grab a copy for yourself (and possibly several to pass around to others - like the writer of the intro did). Oh, and did I mention that Roy Lessin "is co-founder of DaySpring, the largest Christian greeting card company in the world, where he served as senior writer for 37 years"?! Yeah, thought you might like to know that. As I read his book, I often felt myself having the thoughts and emotions that many of those deep, intimate greeting cards evoke...wonder why! more treat!

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Disclaimer: I received this book for free from New Leaf Publishing Group. No other compensation was received. The fact that I received a complimentary product does not guarantee a favorable review.