Thursday, March 14, 2013


Where have I been?
(Have you been wondering that about me?)

Do I still read?

Do I still write?

Do I still have things I want to share with you?

The answer is yes to all of the above.

However, lately, I have found myself reading more of the Word of God and less of the books that I have in line to catch up on reading and reviewing for you and me and the publishers.

Honestly, my life schedule got completely rearranged several times over the past few months and I am just now starting to see a little stabilization of my schedule in the near future. Along with that, I am also intentionally planning and scheduling time for me to read (God's Word as well as the messages He shares through those He has gifted with the talent of writing). Additionally I am more intentionally planning ahead a schedule for myself that includes more writing. (I have also started a second blog, by the way, that I write weekly. It's kind of a cooking may want to check it out. It's called Sundays with Nanny.)

Most importantly though, as I mentioned, I have been reading and writing, but it has been primarily the Word of God. No, I am not writing NEW scripture! But...since I learn better by writing, I have been writing the scripture almost verbatim in a notebook as I read it.

As I have been doing this, I have noticed a large, unexpected interest from many of my friends and connections. I have shared pictures of these "writings" along the way and have received an amazing response of people asking me about it and how to do it.

So, I have decided that I need to start sharing here my key points of how (and even why) to do this.

It is very easy, actually, and more enlightening than you can imagine.

This post is my promise to you to follow it up with several more posts along the way of more about what I and some other friends of mine have dubbed #writetheword (You can search that on Twitter & Instagram & Tumblr, by the way!).

I hope you'll join me for this amazing adventure!