Thursday, June 2, 2011

Delightfully Intrusive

Quick thoughts here.

In my review this week of Angela Hunt's latest book, I referred to it as a "delightfully intrusive" book.  What does that make you think of?  Who does that make you think of?

It got me thinking...yikes!  I know.  :o)

Seriously though, I have several people I can think of whom I consider delightfully intrusive.
  • My husband
  • My son
  • My parents
  • My in-laws
  • My good friends who pop in on occasion and check on me (virtually and literally)
  • Even my co-workers and my boss
Do you get the idea? 

These people are in so many ways intrusive in my life and privacy and me-time (some more than others, of course).  Yet, I treasure that they are even in my life to intrude.  Therefore, their presence and intrusion into my life is a delight. 

Obviously not EVERY intrusion is welcomed with open arms and a positive attitude... BUT...the fact that I am blessed to find them in my life and in my heart should always remind me to appreciate them---intrusions and all.

One other majorly intrusive yet delightful person in my life...

Can you guess Who that is?

Is He in your life?

Is He trying to intrude as you continue to resist?

Or has He already intruded and is trying to intrude more---edging at you to draw closer and let more things go?

Though He is intrusive, as I am so very thankful He is, 
Christ is divinely delightful.

So, as He nudges at you to trust Him and let Him intrude, delight yourself in Him.  
And He will give you the desires of your heart.

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