Monday, May 28, 2012

What are you doing this summer?

Got any plans for the summer?

I imagine you have a few.

If you're like me, work is a big, necessary part of those plans---though some fun and relaxation is mixed in there as best as possible.

You know another thing that is in my plans?

Beginning June 1st, I am going to {try to} 
{No, you did not hear that wrong---I did not say in One Year---I said 90 days!}

Care to join me?

I dare you!

Seriously, there are many reasons why many of you have no interest in doing this with me. 

  • Atheists or Agnostics - Why read a book you feel is completely fiction, fantasy, and even ludicrous for so many people to place such staunch "faith" in?!
    • Why not? 
    • Read it so that you can have more ground to stand on when you state why you don't believe it.
    • Read it to understand the thinking of those who place faith in it so that you can better understand them.
    • I challenge you to read it along with me. Don't stop. You can make it through 90 days cover-to-cover if you just go straight through.
  • Other non-Christian faiths - Again, why read a book that though it may put forth good principles in many areas, it also goes against what you firmly believe in and hold dear?
    • Why not?
    • See above "Why not?" points.
    • I read portions of the Qu'ran, after all. Not so that I would be converted to Islam (I wasn't), but just to understand more about those Muslim brothers and sisters whom I care deeply for and long to understand more.
  • Christians - You may read the Bible every day. You may not. You may be on a One-Year-Through-the-Bible reading program with which you may be doing well, but then again, maybe not. How in the world could you possibly read the entire Bible through in only 90 days when you struggle to get through it in one year?!
    • You can do this.
    • You need to do this.
    • I challenge you to do this.
    • Again, as above,  I challenge you to read it along with me. Don't stop. You can make it through 90 days cover-to-cover if you just go straight through.
Now, are you wondering how I am even going to attempt this crazy feat?! (I did not say I would succeed, but I most definitely am attempting it.)

Well, go check out this weblink for more details, but let me just say it was not my idea.

As a matter of fact, this idea was born in the mind of an agnostic.

Yes, you heard that right.

A committed agnostic, Ted Cooper, at 43 years of age decided in 1999 to read the Bible for the first time in his life. As he states, he (along with his wife) was "happily agnostic" and had determined to just read this book that he felt so strongly was basically hogwash.

He decided if he was going to get through it, he had to do it quickly---not over a year. So, he realized if he read only 12 pages a day as if he were reading a novel, he could get through it in 90 days. He did not set out to stop along the way and study it. He just set out to read it. And so he did.

I'll let you go to his website HERE to find out 
what all occurred during and after his reading. 

So, with that little bit of background, I invite you---rather I challenge you---(no matter what your faith or lack thereof) to read the Bible with me in 90 days.

I do need a little encouragement and arm-in-arm support 
along the way, you know. 
So will you, I imagine.

If you are even considering this, you can even purchase a Bible Mr. Cooper had formatted specially so that it would perfectly go along with his 12-pages-a-day plan if you like. (It is a regular NIV Bible just structure to be read from Genesis to Revelation at the rate of 12 pages per day. Nothing too unique beyond that.)

OR if you would prefer to use your own Bible or even an online Bible like or YouVersion or many others---you can just follow along with Mr. Cooper's reading plan in this bookmark-formatted checklist:

So, join me today!

I'll be checking in along the way periodically. 
I hope you will do the same.

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misterp said...

Wow Haelie I hope you achieve your goal, but this is one I think I will sit out on. I took up reading the bible through for my 3rd or 4th time or more about 2 and a 1/2 years ago when I started BSF. And what I have been doing is reading the chapter then going back and reading all the foot notes which has been taking me longer than usual and I have been able to put more time into that now that BSF is off for the summer. But I sure do admire you for doing so and hope you accomplish what you are setting out to do.