Sunday, May 13, 2012

Great for God by David Shibley

Expect great things from God; 
attempt great things for God.”

Is that a daunting task to you?
Remember, it is not a task you are to do in your own power, wisdom and strength.

Our great God does not call the equipped; He equips the called.

I have been learning this truth first-hand since recognizing my call into leadership in various forms for the Lord---both in the "ministry" and in the "marketplace."

The timeliness of receiving Great for God by David Shibley is no coincidence; it is truly providential.

As I read through the short but powerful mini-bios of 23 faithfully revolutionary missionaries, I FILLED my Facebook & Twitter pages with quotes shared from my Kindle. No joke. Couldn't stop myself. 

The 23 missionaries highlighted by David Shibley in Great for God include such known faith giants as Bill Bright, William Carey, Amy Carmichael, Jim Elliot, Eric Liddell, David Livingstone ("Dr. Livingstone, I presume."), Lottie Moon, Hudson Taylor, Dawson Trotman, and even Shibley's own father---Warren Shibley.

Each of these people and their life story resonated with me strongly and in different yet connected ways. One thing that even stood out to me was that several of them were either closely connected to each other or in some way influenced by each other. What a tapestry of faith, hope and love our Father tenderly creates with each of our lives in this big picture we are living out daily. 

Will I be the next thread in that tapestry? 
Will you?

Before you say, "No way! I don't even believe in God, crazy lady! Remember? So forget thinking I will ever be part of this imaginary tapestry of which you speak." 

Hold up! Wait a minute! 
Let me put some faith in it.

Seriously, I do know that several of my readers are not by any means believers in Christ and are even instead committedly professed Agnostics or even Atheists. So, I must be ignoring them when I make such statements.

Oh, but not so at all.

You, my dear friend scoffer or skeptic or just non-believer---YOU---may be the next beautiful, vibrant thread of faith, hope and love in the tapestry our Father and Creator is weaving even now. 

Lottie Moon was.

She was the famed Baptist missionary to China in whose name Baptist churches annually collect a Christmas offering solely for missions. Before accepting the Lord Jesus Christ as her Savior, Lottie Moon...well, let me let Shibley & Lottie tell it:
One night during college, a campus revival meeting brought her to total commitment to Christ. “I went to the service to scoff,” she recalled, “and returned to my room to pray all night.”
I know that may not convince you, but God is the One who will convince you in His way and in His time.

In the meantime, to all of my friends---believers and non-believers alike---consider the amazing things done FOR the name of the Lord and BY the name of the Lord through these amazing people who dared to be Great for God!
And then doesn't stop with them.

How will you respond today?

May I suggest one way to respond...

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