Sunday, May 27, 2012

Paper, Rock, Scissors by Leslie Lamb


That Leslie Lamb is one powerful, bold weaver of teen fiction!

A while back, I had the privilege of reading and reviewing Lamb's first book and first book in this planned series, Kiss, Bang, Boom!

That book introduced the three main characters she plans to complete a series about; namely three teenage girls names Zella (Book One), Celeste (Book Two), and Oona (Book Three).

So, after having read Kiss, Bang, Boom! Book One - Zella's Story, I just couldn't take the suspense and had grown to know and love the I just HAD to purchase for myself and read Paper, Rock, Scissors. Book Two - Celeste's Confession.

Let me just say---if you have any teenage girl or young adult girl in your life, please get these two books for them (and the third once it is written and published)! I will suggest based on the reality of the content as it focuses on teenage life pressures in our current day, I would not recommend this one for the pre-teen age range. However, it may be just what some of them need as well. Maybe get it and read it for yourself then see what you think.

In Paper, Rock, Scissors, Lamb further delves into the daily life, choices, and effects of choices made in Celeste Cooper's life. The fictional teenage girls and their families draw the reader in and cause us to truly connect with them and their honest, common struggles. Celeste, specifically, is a girl who seems to have it all together in spite of growing up without a father. However, she draws much of her self-worth and happiness from the handsome, loving young man in her life. She does love God and live for Him...or at least she THINKS she loves God and she lives for Him when it is convenient.

BUT...her belief in Him, her trust in Him, her love for Him and her living for Him...let's just say that all gets HEAVILY tested in this honest reality of a teen / young adult life story.

Truly, mine did in those years---why wouldn't Celeste's?!

Without giving away the story as well as the unfolding of it, let me just say that Lamb is not afraid to be real with the young people of our day (and even the not-so-young like myself). She is real in a way that needs to happen in order to wake these young people up to the effects that common decisions will have on their life and the lives of those around them.

And one more thing I have to say to Leslie Lamb, the author---Way to leave a girl hanging, Les! Now you just HAVE to write that Book Three: Oona's Story!!! And I better be among the first to know when it's out!

I hope you will consider this series for any and all of the young females (and even males) in your life. You may just need to read it for yourself as well---not just as a filter, but as a faith-strengthener.

Disclaimer: I purchased this book myself, so I do not need a disclaimer. The fact that I purchased it does not guarantee a favorable review.

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