Thursday, June 14, 2012

The Complete AQUARIUM Adventure by Merilee and Bill Clifton

I'm so excited! 
I just can't hide it!

We're going to the AQUARIUM this weekend!!!

The Audubon Aquarium of the Americas down here in New Orleans to be exact.

Oh yeah! Oh yeah!

I am even more excited because when we go we will be taking along our "field trip in a book" called The Complete Aquarium Adventure by Merilee & Bill Clifton.

What a cool and complete book this is! 

My state bird! The Brown Pelican! I see this bird often.
It is arranged in a tabbed format so that it is divided in sections for "Before the Aquarium", "At the Aquarium", and "After the Aquarium." Additionally there are tabs within the "At the Aquarium" section for various Sea Animals and Birds and other Sea Creatures that you will see at the aquarium. Each section has vibrant photos and brief, concise, but thorough content to read about the specific topic of the section. The coolest thing to me, of course, is that the content is Bible-based and helps me to teach the Truth about these creatures regarding how they were intentionally designed and created by God - not just a product of random, unplanned evolution void of a Creator.

The Tool Kit treasure chest in the back cover
And finally, after its "Appendix" tab, The Complete Aquarium Adventure has inside its back cover a special "Tool Kit" resembling a treasure chest. And treasures truly are to be found on the inside! I think second only to the content this tool kit is my favorite part of this book. It has several special cards in it designed for using at the aquarium as games to play along the way. One set is for playing a special form of BINGO in which you mark off each space as you find its creature somewhere in the aquarium. Another game in the Tool Kit is an alphabet-based game in which you write the name of the creature you find at the aquarium if its name begins with the specific letter of the alphabet on the line you still need to fill in.

Look at the treasures awaiting you inside the Tool Kit!
One tiny critique just to keep it real is that the little pieces of velcro used to close my little Tool Kit will not stay on. The glue that holds them onto their respective cardstock paper portions had loosened itself by the time the book got to me in the mail. (I DO live in HOT, HUMID Louisiana, by the way...go figure! Guess all glue is not made to withstand our wonderful temperatures. No biggie to me.)

Anyway, as you can tell, I do love this book and highly recommend it. They even have a similar one for zoo animals called The Complete Zoo Adventure by Dr. Gary & Mary M. Parker.

Does either of these sound like something 
you or someone you know may want?

Guess what?!

Yep, it's that time again!!!

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Disclaimer: I received this book for free from New Leaf Publishing Group. No other compensation was received. The fact that I received a complimentary product does not guarantee a favorable review.


Diane Estrella said...

How fun and looks like a great book to accompany you. Have a fun week! :O)

Jane Maritz said...

Looks totally awesome!