Monday, November 2, 2015

More Randomness

I know...I're probably getting a little bored with our boring ole American life, but I simply must share it.

Really, we had very little time to be bored in those last few months in the States. And, I have a few more pictures to prove it before we move on to our new life.

Hope you're enjoying Memory Lane with me! :)

So, while I'm toting kids all over the country back in the States, my husband is occasionally continuing to send me pics of him at various beautiful beaches and tourist destinations throughout Europe...not the least of which was Italy. One day...

Anyway, I was also continuously asking (BEGGING) him for pics of our house he had finally found and moved into over in Qatar. (A girl's gotta know what she's working with, you know. Not to mention that all of the rest of our family was continuously asking me for the same.) Being the surprise loving person that he is (or actually the hard-headed person is more like it), he acted like he never got my request messages. Then once in a while I would get a pic or two of items at IKEA (yes, we have an IKEA) accompanied by him asking which one I liked better or something of that nature.

Here are a couple of examples:

He was asking if I liked this baby bed. I said yes. But, before he purchased it he ended up finding a different one. I like it, too. You'll see that one when I tour our house for you. :)
The first of 2 futons he sent a pic of to see which one I liked. It was going to go in our upstairs living/homeschool/play room area, but ended up going in our son's HUGE bedroom as an extra piece of furniture for him. I liked them both, and for various reasons we did not decide on this one.
This is the futon we chose. Boring, I know. But a little more comfortable if being used as a bed by company. Guess what it's being used as right now...a Lego work/play table! Yep! My husband's idea. Genius! :) 
He was showing me the bedding he was getting for our son's room. Avengers Assemble!
The first pic I got of the actual house...sort of. Guess the TV was most important to him at the time.
This one is a long story, but basically it's our countertop cooking burners and our indoor countertop grill. We now have them arranged differently and have a countertop convection oven as well. Yes, we could probably very easily have a full range oven in this house, and yes it did have one in it when my husband first moved in. However, the one that was in here was in dire need of replacement and he got tired of waiting for the owner to replace it...soooo, being the non-confrontational guy he is, he moved it out of the way and made up his own set-up. Different. I know. It's working pretty well for us, though, at least for the time being. So, I guess it will stay this way a while.

After begging for another pic of the house, he sent this...a pic of the ceiling in one of the living areas. Can you tell he can be a bit smart aleck when he wants to?!
And finally, he did send me this pic of our bedroom. Not to show me the house, but to show me the bedding set I picked out for it. (from some other pics he had sent that I have since deleted) I have now turned the comforter over so that it is mostly showing its solid white side with just a little of the purple hydrangea colorful artwork peeking out. (We had purplish-blue hydrangeas as our main wedding flowers.) 

So, those are the house pics you get for now. You just have to live with it, since I had to for so long. ;)

Now, back to some random kiddo pics.

Sitting in church with grandparents

Screen Porch Playtime

Thought this little phone notification was timely. She's so sumptuous you could sop her up with a we say in the South!
Hubby's real Italian Italy

My husband kept sending pics of his yummy gelato from all over Italy, so I sent him this one day. Our favorite Greek yogurt, in America at least.
My son and his summer neighbor buddy hanging out playing video games
Who doesn't love a good game of Rock, Paper, Scissors?! These boys sure do.

We got to go with several cousins and grandparents to a live performance of Mary Poppins while in North Louisiana. Such fun!
My boy with Bert & Mary
My boy with a chimney sweep
Crawling all over the grandparents' house
Being cute, as always!

Caught her doing the splits!

I think she didn't know what to do once she got there. ;)
And in case you wondered if our kids look like me, well they both do look a lot like my husband, but I don't have any of his baby pictures on my computer. So, here are a couple of mine.

That's all for now! Bye bye!

Until next time...

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