Friday, November 27, 2015

Grateful for Life and Love

On this, the day after Thanksgiving, I wanted to take a minute to share some more of the precious family and moments I am grateful for.

Yes, by the way, we did celebrate Thanksgiving here in Qatar with some American friends as well as new friends from all over the globe. We even met a new friend who is from a very small town in Louisiana (where we are from as well).

And, yes, we had the typical American Thanksgiving fixings available for us to stuff ourselves.

And we did.

See? Even Baby Girl looked stuffed here. lol!

You can't blame her. She did eat some Mashed Potatoes and some Turkey Dressing, after all.

Yep, that's Fried Okra (made by our new Louisiana friend) and Turkey & Sausage Jambalaya (made by my husband, a la Emeril's recipe)!

So, back to the gratefulness rewind...

While we were in Northwest Louisiana, we got to celebrate Big Brother's 10th Birthday! :) We had some fun times. 

On the actual day of his birthday, we got to take him and some of his cousins to the local indoor trampoline park called AirU

They had a blast! 

My little FLASH!

His little girl cousins were coming after him with their dodgeballs! :)
CANNONBALL!!! This one was for Daddy, he said! :)
Racing his cousin
Climbing out of the foam pit
That's one of his little girl cousins on the right. She ran on this so funny! She had straight legs most of the way and looked like a little robot or something. :) So cute!
She sure could jump in, though!
On the left is another of his little girl cousins (she is about a year older than the one in the other 2 pics above). She had a very cute way of going down the lane, too. She jumped up and down the whole way. I got pics. :)

Told ya! All the way to the end! :) Sweet girls! I love all of my nieces...and nephews, too!
So, a couple of days AFTER his actual birthday, we had a Saturday birthday party at the glow-in-the-dark bowling alley! Lots of his local cousins and friends got to come. It was a great time!

We have that autographed souvenir authentic bowling pin here with us in his room in Qatar. ;)

The Indominous Rex is about to eat the Birthday Boy's finger off! :)
The Jurassic World cake in the dark. It had glow-in-the-dark, edible paint on it, too. And even the Indominous Rex was edible (Rice Krispie Treat!)! My husband's talented cousin made the cake. Check out her business - Royalty Sweet Shoppe! :) Baby Girl wasn't too sure what to think! ;) 

Hanging out eating and having fun with his buddies!

Jurassic World is closed due to total demolition!
That's all, folks! Nothing left here to see...for now, at least!

Until next grateful, and give thanks!

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