Thursday, April 21, 2011

Tough week? TGFS!


Today was my Friday for the work week.

And just in time.

I was so tired driving to work this morning that I almost didn't make it...but I did.

Up every morning before dawn.  Work is hectic.  Drive home is hectic.  Once my son and I get home it is non-stop until bedtime.  Husband gets home from work very near or after bedtime. all starts over the next day. 
Weekends are too short, too.

So, as I was driving over the longest bridge in the world (literally) this morning, as I always do, I was thinking.

Thinking about this grueling week.

Thinking about disappointments from people I once respected.  Thinking about disappointments from myself.
Seriously, today I wasn't even very faithful to pray for faithfulness in my son.

I was just about to whine to God about the tough, tiring week I have had.

Then it hit a brick in the face as Scott Williams would say.

This week of mine is nowhere near as tiring, grueling, and mentally agonizing as this week was for my Jesus when He was a human on this earth.  As a matter of fact, this was His last FULL day on earth for thousands of years---and He knew it.

How tired must He have been this morning so many years ago.  How physically and mentally exhausted He must have been.  How broken His heart must have been knowing how the very people He loved and was about to die a cruel death for still did not "get it."  He was enduring this week and the day He was about to face all for them---all for us.  Yet so many still had not grasped that.  And so many would never.  Their pride and blindness would hold them hostage.  They would never see the love this God in human form had and has for them.

Do you think He was tired, drained, and just flat out exhausted?

I do.

And He knew what He was about to endure over the next 24 hours.  No, make that 3 days.  Yes, His agony did not end on the cross.  Remember---He descended into hell so that He could once and for all defeat death before He rose again.

And then there's Sunday.


Thank God For Sunday!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Hallelujah!  He is risen!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

What do I have to whine and complain about?

Join me now in giving thanks and praise to our Father for His gift, sacrifice, and unending faithfulness.

Happy Easter to you all!!!

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MomLaur83 said...

Hallelujah He is Risen indeed! Thanks for sharing this reminder that our toughest days are nothing compared to what Christ endured for us! (visiting from 21 Days)