Friday, April 15, 2011

Praying for my Buster...or me!?!

So, this week I remembered to follow the
21 Days of Prayer for Sons Challenge correctly...

...AND I caught up over the weekend on the topics I accidentally did not pray for my Buster over last week.

How did that go, you ask?

Well, let me just say that after praying over him with specific scriptures covering the topics of Submission to Authority, Integrity, Avoiding Foolishness, Pride, Purity, A Servant's Heart, Honor, Love, Joy, and Peace...changes are happening.  In ME!  (And him, too.)

I have noticed a couple of themes as I read some of the other blogs of parents participating in this is that these focused, scripture-based prayers are (1) changing US and (2) challenging to us.  Yes, our children are growing and benefiting from the prayers as well, but the overall themes I see are those of God working through this true CHALLENGE to CHANGE us as parents and even as children of our heavenly Father.

This was a tough week at work and at home for many reasons, mostly related to trying to get everything done in what seems to be too small of an amount of time.  Or maybe it's the other way around (too many things to do...) 

Regardless, today's prayer topic was just in time.


Peace God leaves with_Buster & Haelie_; 
His peace He gives to_Buster & Haelie_. 
Not as the world gives does God give. 
Let not_Buster's & Haelie's_heart(s) be troubled, 
neither let (them) be afraid (John 14:27)

Which of the topics have you 
needed prayer for most 
this past week?

Submission to Authority
Avoiding Foolishness
A Servant's Heart

Which of these topics do you 
anticipate needing prayer for 
in this coming week?
Please share.  I will pray for you.


Jodi said...

Likewise . . . praying these scriptures I find that I have to pray them for myself first so that my children can understand them!

Shonda said...

I like how you put your name in there too. I should do that as well. I think I need peace the most. I have lots going on and I feel overwhelmed!

misterp said...

Definitely peace in the midst of my Job. !!! Glad to see this is working for you and many others. I wish I could have had something like this when my kiddos were young and at home.

Haelie said...

This has been so helpful, not only in praying for my son, but also for myself. I will keep you all in my prayers, too.

MisterP - I will surely be praying for you to have peace in your job. Amen! I so understand. Jobs can be tough.

The Farmer Files said...

I will say joy is the hardest for me. We have just had company that departed today. When I feel under pressure joy is so hard for me to model for my kids! So glad to meet you through this challenge!

Haelie said...

Boy, Farmer Files! I sooo understand your situation! We lived over a thousand miles away from family for 2 years and I had many months of struggling with having joy. Will be praying for you!