Monday, April 18, 2011

Max on Life by Max Lucado


Do you have questions?

Questions about life?  About God?  About anything?

Well, though Max Lucado is only human just like the rest of us, he has a way of saying things.  A way of explaining things in our everyday human terms.  The man, as a writer and minister for over twenty-five years, has a vast amount of experience under his belt in deciphering the ways of this world and the ways of God. 

Max is not perfect.  He does not have all of the answers.  He would be the first to tell you that. 

However, because of Max's imperfections and his honesty about them, as well as his experience in helping countless people through various unimaginable situations, he has a lot to say about life.

In Max on Life, Max shares 171 questions with us that have been asked to him over his time as a minister and a writer.  These questions span the gamut from basic, common questions about God and Christianity to very specific, individual issues related to the person who asked them.  The questions are from non-Christians, Christians, children, teens, adults, rich, poor, angry, hurting, joyful, married, single, divorced, widowed, sick, healthy, and everywhere in between.  Max even begins each chapter with an image of a handwritten letter from him to one of the people asking him a question.

The chapters group the questions into categories as such:  Hope (God, Grace, and "Why am I here?"), Hurt (Conflicts, Calamities, and "Why me?"), Help (Prayer, Scripture, and "Why church?"), Him/Her (Sex, Romance, and "Any chance of a second chance?"), Home (Diapers, Disagreements, and "Any hope for prodigals?"), Haves/Have-Nots (Work, Money, and "Where's the lifeline?"), and Hereafter (Cemeteries, Heaven, Hell, and "Who goes where?")

This book is most likely intended to be a resource, and for that purpose it offers a Topical Index as well as a Scripture Index at the end.  For example, as I read through the questions and answers, I could not relate to several of the questions currently because I personally have not yet had to deal with whatever the specific issue is (such as the loss of a child) though I was reminded of how thankful I should be for the blessings I do have and the people who are in my life.  One day, if and when any of these unfamiliar situations do arise in my life, I will turn to God first, and as a guide into God's Word and God's Way, I will probably pick this book up again and see how Max says God wants to help me through it. 

Many of the questions did echo my own thoughts, past and present.  Max's words are very much what I have found to be true when I have searched God's word and have comforted and guided me in areas I am still mulling over with God.

I do recommend adding this book to your collection of resources, whether you are a Christian or not.  Max has a lot of enlightening things to say about some deep, frequently asked questions.  Check it out for yourself.

In the meantime, I would like to know...
What kind of life questions are you mulling over right now---with or without God?
Have you considered seeing what God has to say about it?

If so, what has He revealed to you?

If not, why not give His Word a try?  
See what He has to may just be pleasantly surprised.
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