Friday, October 16, 2015

Signs, Signs, Everywhere There's Signs

This will be a brief post but just wanted to share a few signs that always interested me in our former hometown area of South Louisiana.

We came to know and love St. Tammany Parish throughout the last several years we spent in the area. That being said, it's no wonder that there are actually streets named after us down there!

Really! See?!

The Intersection of Pellegrin and Heard
My maiden name...
Our family name

 I challenge our St. Tammany friends to find the 2 above streets.

Now the next one should be pretty easy for those folks to locate. I still always liked how the spelling included our name. :)

Theard Street (I assume pronounced "3rd")

Come on, St. know where this is!

Yep, you see the water tower?! You gotta know now!

Now switching gears a little, but not much...I just had to get a pic of this. 

May not look like much to you, but this was special to me. We lived in our last neighborhood for almost 4 years. The longest we have lived in any neighborhood or home since we were married 11 years ago. When we first moved into this neighborhood, a business occupied the building and lot directly across the small highway from the entrance to our neighborhood. Not long after we moved in, that business closed and took their signs down. They, however, left the metal sign pole which is cemented in the ground. One other business has been there since then, but it closed down a year or two after it opened. 

Still the sign pole remained. 

And every time I drove into and out of my neighborhood, I couldn't help but look at that sign pole and see a cross. Such a wonderful reminder of God's love and provision and faithfulness for me throughout the ups and downs of my daily life. I think I will miss that cross. Glad I got a pic. ;)

And one last pic. 

No that's not our Uhaul. But it IS at our storage facility. You might not think much of seeing a Louisiana-themed Uhaul in Louisiana, but really I usually see ones themed with other states. I guess it was a nice little goodbye as I pulled away from the storage facility that day. 

That's it for this post. Sorry if it was a bit boring. Just really wanted to share these pics and thought it would be a quick one to put together for you.

I thought wrong. 

You can't even imagine how long this post took me to put together. 

Literally all day!

That's the life of a mom & wife. 

Type a little, clean a lot, type some more, feed a lot more, type a little more, try to get the baby to sleep (for the 3rd fighting, unsuccessful attempt), finally give up and finish the post via my cell phone. #thestruggleisreal #thankfulforphoneapps 

Until next time...

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