Saturday, October 24, 2015

Fun Times around the Fourth

Back again!

Sorry it has taken me a bit, but I'm working on a little surprise for you (and me). :)

Anyway, just wanted to check in for a minute and post another little random catch-up post for you. This one will have some random cute pics of my kiddos and also some pics from some of what we did in the early afternoon of July 4th.

So, off we go!

Who doesn't love a sleeping baby?!
Bathtime with Big Brother & cousins
My boy! Sitting by his mama at a family & friends July 4th pickin' & swimmin' annual event. Love him!
Two adventurers sharing a Coke together just a few weeks before one of the biggest adventures of our life!
Baby Girl (on the left) with my mom's lifelong best friend's granddaughter. They are about a month apart in age if I remember correctly. The other little girl is older than my little girl. My Baby Girl was just getting on her knees, but not yet crawling. The other little girl was crawling and cruising everywhere.

They had such fun together! 
Baby chat. While my daughter is doing a plank. Wish I had her core strength!
My mom (a.k.a. Marmie, from Little Women) on the left with my Baby Girl. Her best friend since childhood on the right with her granddaughter. :)

Even though I was home during the evening 4th festivities that my son and my in-laws went to, they sent me a pic of him playing with a sparkler. They had fun. I was home removing my stitches while Baby Girl slept. It was actually a pretty peaceful, quiet evening...once the stitches were out.

I think that's a good little update for this post. More to come...

***UPDATE!!!*** I forgot while reviewing my Dropbox pics that Baby Girl and I also did something fun together on the 4th before coming home and settling in for the evening. We met up with some of my FIFTH GRADE classmates and one of our teachers for a mini-ELEMENTARY reunion! What unexpected fun! A couple of us even got together one more time before we moved overseas and I even brought my son along that time. So, anyway, here are a couple of pics from that reunion on the 4th.

Can you guess which one was one of our teachers?! Didn't think so! ;) Hint...she's wearing black...and white...oh, okay, she's the pretty one. Oh, okay, well none of that sets her apart for you...she's the shortest one in the pic (other than the babies). You would have never guessed... 

Until next time...

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