Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Pretty Hair by Lilla Rose

Hello again!

In the effort of Spring Cleaning and in preparation for Mother's Day (It's May 11th!), I am finally getting to post a review I have been wanting to and planning to post for waaaaayyyy tooooo looonnnnggg!!! :) Please check out my (very amateur) pics below and consider this for a sweet lady or young lady in your life.

A precious friend of mine is a distributor for a very cool hair accessory line called Lilla Rose. She is actually a consultant along with her daughter. I had never heard of these hair accessories until getting to know my friend Jennifer. Now that I have been introduced, I am sure to get to know more of their products. :)

I got the XS (Extra Small) Flexi-Clip from her in a gold tone. It has been so handy and versatile and pretty that I have used it at several stages of my hair length over the past few months. It is so nice because it is one piece even though it looks like it is a separate pin that sticks through the main holder. They are actually joined permanently so you never lose either. And they are very durably made as well.

I ordered mine when I had relatively short hair, but wore it through several lengths (and color shades!). 

As you can see, I could wear it half up at that time.

And, when my hair was shorter, I could even wear it all up as in these few pictures. I could have continued to if I had a larger size, which they do make.

I liked it so much I started noticing who else around me would benefit from wearing it and would enjoy it. I even loaned it to my sister-in-law to wear on Easter Sunday. She, as you can tell, has much longer, thicker, naturally curly hair than I ever will. Yet, the XS worked perfectly for her to wear her sides back as she often does. She will likely be ordering a couple in larger sizes so she can wear more of her hair up in one.

I also love all of their other products and look to order some more soon. I really need their beautiful badge holder(s) since I work in healthcare and have to wear an ID badge all the time. Some other products I like (& my sis-in-law, too) are the hair sticks, pony tail holders, hair pins, and beaded headbands.

So, do yourself and/or some special lady or girl you know a favor and grab one or more of these cool hair accessories. You and they will love them! And you could send a badge holder my way if you want. ;) lol!

P.S. I did this review for no compensation. These opinions are solely mine...and my sister-in-law's.

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