Saturday, January 4, 2014

R U ready 2 #writetheword?!

Welcome to an exciting new adventure in your life!

What's that, you say? Oh, boy, do you have some unexpected fun waiting for you.

To begin, I want to thank you for allowing me the honor of leading you and walking alongside you as we study the Bible together in what is likely a whole new way for you. I personally have been enjoying studying the Bible this way on my own for many years. Nobody specifically taught me how to do this (other than the Holy Spirit, that is). It just makes sense to me and is as easy or as challenging as I want to make it.

I (and some others who do something similar) lately have been calling this #writetheword (a.k.a. "Write The Word"). A dear friend of mine introduced me to that name for it. She had been seeing many people, including me, online posting pictures of their handwritten Scriptures and started sharing about it on her blog and trying it for herself.  Her term for it describes it very well. It pretty much works the way it sounds. And it's pretty "no frills" for the most part. Basically, I just start with a part of the Bible I am interested in or want to dig deeper in, and I literally, by hand, write The Word on paper. And, actually The Seed Company even has a #writetheword community on Facebook.

No, I am not writing a NEW no means! I just rewrite almost verbatim the Scriptures I am reading. Like I said, nothing fancy, at least not unless I want to get fancy with it. I typically use a simple, lined notebook and a pen that is comfortable to write with. (Of course, this is where you can get as fancy and involved as you want...fancy notebook, colored pens, etc. However, I truly recommend starting out pretty simple. Maybe a nice notebook, maybe not, but don't go crazy trying to use color coding with multiple pens and all. Not yet. Wait until you try this in its simplicity first, then branch out & develop your style as you feel led.)

Could you do this digitally? Yes, I suppose you could. But. (You heard that coming, didn't you?) Again, I recommend you try this with literal handwriting on literal paper. Even if you have bad handwriting, so what? The point of writing it, for me at least, is not so that you or others can read it (though someone may someday, and what a precious thing to hand down to our posterity!). No, the point is the actual action of writing.

Stay with me here.

See, I don't know about you, but I personally am a bit of a kinetic learner, as are many people. That simply means that I learn and process better by doing. Think about it, do you learn better just listening and watching something or someone? Or does it sink in better when you touch and do and follow along? And how do you learn best in a lecture class and/or sermon? Do you takes notes? Why? For other people? No. Both for looking back over them and also for paying attention & processing it better as you listen.

Same concept applies here.

So, now that I have hopefully convinced you to give this a shot, let me wrap this intro up with your brief list of things to gather to prepare for our first round of this together.

For this Bible study, you will need:

  • A Bible
    • (This can be digital or paper, whatever you prefer. However, in this case it is nice to have a digital Bible available since you can search resources and even compare versions easily. I highly recommend and/or as Bible study resources.)
  • A pen
    • (Nothing fancy, just comfortable. May need to have a refill or replacement ready depending on how much of The Word you plan to write.)
  • A notebook
    • (Simple or's up to you.)

So, go gather your goodies & let's get going!

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