Friday, August 17, 2012

D is for Dinosaur by Ken and Mally Ham


Well, now my son & I have the honor of reviewing 
which is also 
by Ken and Mally Ham.

what did we think of it?!

Well, if you go back to my review of A is for Adam, I can tell you that the layout and design of D is for Dinosaur is the same. By that, I mean that it is in the style of a tent and is intended to be read by the parent or adult from one side while the child reads aloud and studies the picture from the other side.

Well, here, let me just show you what I mean. 
As a matter of fact, here is where my son's part of the review comes into play. I will demonstrate with the pages that he said were his favorite. See if you can tell why.
In case you can't tell, he loves this one because the dinosaur is bumping his head on the top of the ark.

Each parent / adult page is structured with sections including one called Let's Read where you can see what your child is reading without having to look at his side. 

Other sections include a brief summary of the main point of that page / picture, some Bible Bits that are tidbits the child can repeat after you, some other points they are told to Always Remember, and a couple of other sections including a Quick Review.

So, with all of those similarities to A is for Adam
what makes D is for Dinosaur unique and beneficial 
to have in addition to A is for Adam?

D is for Dinosaur reiterates the important facts of the Biblical creation account 
(as does A is for Adam), however it additionally teaches from the Bible how dinosaurs fit into the six days of creation and beyond. I honestly learned quite a bit myself from it.
Not only does it go along well with A is for Adam, but it is also a perfect accompaniment to Dragons: Legends and Lore of Dinosaurs
Both do an excellent job of breaking down the truth about dinosaurs and even dragons into a format that explains their real, literal 
existence to both children and adults.
My little man with his D is for Dinosaur book (and his always present "hand puppet friend")
So, when I asked my son what he liked best about the book, 
he said, "I likeded everything!" (No, that is not a typo..."likeded" is his cute, common form of "-ed" words right will pass, so I enjoy it for now.)

He also specified that he loved the picture of the dinosaur hitting his head on the top of the door of the ark (as you saw above).

When I asked what he did not like about the book, he said, "I likeded it all! Even when they tricked us on the D is for Dinosaur page!" 
(You'll see what he means when you get the book if you so chose.)

Now that you have read my son's opinions as well as my synopsis, I will say that I definitely recommend D is for Dinosaur as an excellent resource to help you #TeachtheTruth to children.

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Disclaimer: I received this book for free from New Leaf Publishing Group. No other compensation was received. The fact that I received a complimentary product does not guarantee a favorable review.

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