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(Updated Post!) A is for Adam {GIVEAWAY info!!!}

A whole new twist to the ABCs!

A is for Adam by Ken & Mally Ham quite creatively facilitates a parent (or grandparent) helping a child learn the gospel in a way that they can actually comprehend it.

I must say, I am quite impressed with how well my six-year-old son grasps and even teaches back to me the truth of why Jesus had to come and die in our place---many thanks to this well-formatted book.

Ken & Mally Ham have structured this book to tell the true Gospel as it is initiated in the book of Genesis.  Each letter of the alphabet corresponds with a word that is used in a rhyming sentence displayed on a colorful cartoon picture that illustrates the content of the sentence.  Additionally, on the "adult's" side of the flip-chart, tent-like book, there is a simple but thorough guide for discussing that specific, important Gospel content with your child.

There are even FREE downloadable coloring versions of the artwork from this book for you child's enjoyment!

The sections on the discussion side of the book include:

  • Let's Read (a verbatim copy of the sentence the child is seeing and reading on their picture)
  • The Starting Point (a concise discussion-starter statement which further introduces the point of this page)
  • Bible Bits (a bulleted list of short truthful statements for the child to repeat after the adult)
  • Let's Talk! (a bulleted list of short discussion points and questions to help the child further comprehend)
  • Always Remember (a brief, truth-filled recap phrase for the child to repeat back)
  • Visual Vocabulary (a guide for having the child find things in the picture that begin with the letter of the page and identify other specific things from the picture)
  • Stuff To Do (a section of suggestions of how to further learn/teach about this content in tangible ways including more discussion points as well as craft projects)
  • Quick Review (a short bulleted list of questions to ask the child to help them further grasp the content)

My son actually begs me to read this with him! He loves to sit on his side to look at the main pictures and read the sentences that are on those pictures while I sit on my side of the book and lead him in a discussion about that specific picture.

Again, I love to hear the responses he shares in the discussions.  So much so, I think I will let you in on a bit of our conversations as we were going through A is for Adam together.
  • Question from "Stuff To Do" section of D is for Dinosaurs page was "What do you do when you feel lonely?"  
    • My son's answer, "Just go on top of the roof and sleep and spend the night until I can find a family."  
      • WHAT?!  Where in the WORLD did He get that from?! LOL! He has never been on our roof, nor does he have any way to get there.  And, yes, he does have a family...a very close and loving family, I might add.  ;) 
  • When discussing Satan the serpent on the G is for Ghastly page, my son says, "Sometimes I listen to Satan."  
    • I ask, "What does he say to you?"  
    • He responds, "He tells me that my mom and dad are lying to me, but I enore (ignore) him and I fight him in my heart.  And, I call him a 'Liar, Liar, Pants on Fire.'"
So, if you have a child in your life or the life of a loved one whom you think would benefit from understanding more about the Gospel, then I highly suggest you get your hands on a copy of A is for Adam!

By the way, one way to do that is to click on the title of the book A is for Adam anywhere in this post.  You will be brought to its product page on the publisher's website.  

BUT another more fun way to possibly even get your hands on 
a FREE copy of this book is for you to attend the 
Master Books #TeachtheTruth 
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on Tuesday, December 13th!!!

MasterBooks December 
#TeachtheTruth Twitter Party Details:

Date: Tuesday, December 13, 2011
Time: 2:00 - 2:30 PM CST
Hashtag: #TeachtheTruth
Prizes: 5 people will win their own copy of A is for Adam

Make sure you are following all these people on Twitter for the party: 

And, by the way, if this sounds fun & interesting but you have never attended a Twitter party & maybe aren't even yet on Twitter...check out this great link for easy instructions on how to participate in a Twitter party:  
(This link does discuss a previous Twitter party held last month, 
but the instructions for how to do it works the same.)  

Twitter parties are FUN & ADDICTING!
:o)  ENJOY!!!


Not only will each of the 5 winners will be awarded 
a copy of A is for Adam honor of Jesus’ birthday the winners will get to choose another New Leaf Publishing (NLPG) title to gift to 
This bookseller is expanding locations as part of the recovery from Hurricane Katrina. We will send books that will help the community #TeachtheTruth about God, His Son Jesus, the Bible, and more.  (This is SUPER exciting to me!!! I live & work in the New Orleans area, after all.  Just dropped by Maple Street and said Hi today!)

Join us for the party! BUT...If you can’t be with us on the 13th, Answers in Genesis is offering 25% off A is for Adam through 12/16 when you use the coupon code: “A4ADM". {Code is valid from start of party through 12/16.} Buy your copy here: A is for Adam from AiG Store.

Disclaimer: I received this book for free from New Leaf Publishing Group - Master Books. No other compensation was received. The fact that I received a complimentary product does not guarantee a favorable review.

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