Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Meet the Skeptic by Bill Foster

“What is a skeptic? ...
...For our purposes, skeptics are people who discard the biblical worldview in favor of other ways to see the world...

...Some had non-believing parents.
Some had believing parents who were legalistic.
Some have been deceived by false teachers and false religions.
Some have been turned off by hypocrites.
Some have put their trust in material success and their own abilities.
Some have been influenced by skeptical academics and experts...

...We meet them every day at work, in class, at the gym, and in the grocery store. We are long past the time of dropping a biblical reference into a conversation and expecting its significance to be recognized. Our post-Christian culture requires us to do more remedial work with potential believers in order to make an impact.” – Bill Foster in Meet the Skeptic: A Field Guide to Faith Conversations

Thorough, accurate definition. 

I would however like to add a little to it. Some (skeptics) would not classify themselves as such. Additionally, some skeptics (professed or not) may be reading this blog right now. Is that you? If not, are you thinking of someone you know who is? Most, if not all of us, know a couple of (potentially MANY) skeptics. I do. I once was one. I guess at times “it takes one to know one.”

As I have been blessed with the privilege of reading Bill Foster’s Meet the Skeptic, I have gained some practical, on-the-level insight on how various types of “skeptics” think and what may be some of the main underlying reasons for their disbelief, distrust, and skepticism toward God. Some things I had already discovered through the Holy Spirit’s teaching through many life lessons and interactions. Many things Foster reveals however I had not already connected.

Foster structures his “field guide” in an easy-to-read yet very thought-provoking format. He gives examples of thoughts and conversations as well as practical advice in relating honestly and transparently with almost anyone we may come into contact with who questions or flat-out denies God.

I will use this valuable resource indefinitely and will even share it with others as I feel led. I challenge you---skeptic or not, believer or not---to get a copy of this book and see what kind of impact it has on your life, your thoughts, and your conversations.

And to my Christian friends, I leave you with a couple of additional truthful, challenging nuggets as written by Foster:

Objections are opportunities. They reveal a nonbeliever’s need for truth, and they challenge us to make our faith relevant.

Even if we don’t get a chance to mention Jesus, that doesn’t mean we can’t reveal truth that ultimately leads to Him.

How about you? 

Would you classify yourself as
 a skeptic, a believer in Christ, or neither

Please share…if you dare! ;)

Oh, and there is a workbook as well as a Leader's Guide available to supplement this book if you do find it to be of interest and one which you would like to help others dig into. Check out the Meet the Skeptic website as well as its Facebook page and Twitter page for more info and resources.

Disclaimer: I received this book for free from New Leaf Publishing Group. No other compensation was received. The fact that I received a complimentary product does not guarantee a favorable review.


Bill Foster said...

Thanks very much for reviewing my book and for your complimentary critique of it.
Looking forward to seeing how God will use it.

Bill Foster said...

Haelie, Thanks so much reviewing my book. Your complimentary critique is encouraging and I hope many people will be able to put the book to good use. Looking forward to seeing where God takes it from here.

Haelie said...

Thank YOU, Bill, for your hard work on this excellent resource! I am honored that you stopped by to read my review and took the time to comment on it as well.

I know God has BIG plans for this book of yours and the accompanying supplements you offer as well.

Can't wait to see how many people are reached through the work you have done.

Many blessings to you!