Sunday, January 1, 2012

Intentional / Unintentional

One Word for 2011---that was it---
just one word.

Remember mine?


How did that go for me?

Well, as I mentioned in my mid-year check-in, Intentional - Part Deux, my intentionality did not get lived out as I had intended for it to, however, I definitely was intentional throughout 2011---all the way up to the very end.

Another thing happened throughout the year that I noticed as well.  It really stared me in the face around Christmas.  In 2011 there were also times when I was UNintentional.

Yes, I know we all do and say things that cause unintentional side effects.  My unintentionality, however, was partially the culprit in some disappointment and even hurt feelings during our family's Christmas time together.

You know the scene...

Stress is building.

Unintentional, unexpected tears are shed related to said stress build-up.

Close family member reacts in a way that unintentionally makes stress and tears more abundant.

Fast forward through some awkward moments of family member's bad mood at family gathering...

(Most likely many unintentional, unkind words have been said by me at various times up to this point, by the way)

Now it is Christmas morning (on a Sunday)...

Sitting in the living room with family enjoying watching the children enjoy the Santa presents...

Unintentionally lose track of time...

Oh, no!

We have completely unintentionally missed gathering together at church as a family to worship our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ who was born on this day we are celebrating with these Santa gifts.

Additionally we have disappointed another dear family member who so longed to share this special time together as a family at church.

UNintentionality at its best worst!

So, yes, I have been intentional throughout 2011...
...but I have also been unintentional when it mattered most.

How about you?

Can you relate to my UNintentionality?
Please share.

Also, did you have a One Word for 2011?

If so, what was it and how did it go for you?

If not, would you consider focusing on One Word for 2012 
and sharing your word and experience with me as well as
in the One Word 365 Community?


Robin Prater said...

Haelie, I love this, girl!! My one word was Surrender. Through the year God continued to teach me to Surrender ALL to Him!!

I totally understand and can relate to your Intentional and Unintentional!!

Blessings to you:)

Haelie said...

Surrender is truly a great word! I am contemplating and praying over my One Word for 2012 now. We shall see...

misterp said...

I did not have one word for 2011 but trust should have been mine for 2011 for that was what I needed to do for most of last year. So trust is what I will choose for this year and put a note in my phone for this time next year so I can let you know how I did. I hope you have a wonderful and blessed New Year. Your friend misterp

Haelie said...

MisterP - Trust is such a great and profound word. I think you should claim that for 2012 for sure! I needed that in 2011 and always do!!!

Donna King said...

Haelie, My word for 2011 was "humble". I did my best to be humble and God sure did help me out. This year's word is "seek". I will seek out all information I can about Jesus and God and His Word. It should also help me to be "eyes and ears" for the Lord.
May you have a wonderful year.

Haelie said...

Hey Donna!

I'm still praying about my One Word for 2012. I am about sure what it may be but still not confirmed. "Seek" & "Humble" are both very good words. Hope your 2012 reveals a lot as you seek the Lord in every way!

Because of Who He is,