Friday, August 12, 2011

Intentional - Part Deux

Do you remember back in January when I wrote about my One Word for 2011?

Remember Intentional?

So, you may be thinking about right now that I have not been very "intentional" lately.  After all, you haven't been seeing much from me here, so how "intentional" can that be?

Well, I may agree with that in some aspects---yes, my life has not allowed me the freedom to write and share as often as I would like to and frequently feel the need to.  However, I must assure you that my "absence" here has actually been a by-product of definite intentionality in many other areas of my life.

  • I have been spending quality and sometimes even quantity time with my family.
  • I have been studying the Truth of the Word of God and even leading a prayer challenge along the way.
  • I have been diligently working to keep up with requirements and deadlines for my full-time job, which in turn reflects glory to God as I am intentionally being a dependable worker living out integrity as much as I humanly can.
  • I have been plugging into a church in our new town, and greatly enjoying the new friendships.
  • I have been working to maintain and grow existing friendships and relationships.
  • I have been reading, growing from what I read, and sharing about what I have read so that others may benefit as well.
So, is this the way I had pictured my intentionality back in January?  Not necessarily.

Is this the right path for me right now and for those who come across my path in varying degrees?  Absolutely.

Trust me---you have not seen the end of me.  :o)  Most likely you will begin seeing more of me around here again soon.  But remember, I don't write to blog...I blog to write. 

In other words, I don't just put a burden on myself that says I have to produce daily or even weekly content for you to read just for the sake of keeping you interested and keeping you around.  When I have tried to do that I have found myself tired, burdened, and not always writing what I need to be writing.  I value you and your time more than just forcing myself to throw a lot of stuff out there in front of you to read frequently so that you'll stick around just for the sake of attention.  That is not what my blog is about, nor who you are to me. 

I started this blog to write. 

To put onto virtual paper the various thoughts and contemplations that are always going on in my mind and my heart.  To share with anyone who might read in a way that we can all relate and see that our God is real and He accepts imperfection.  He makes us new, becomes our Strength and our Hope.  He is actively involved in our daily lives and hearts.  And ultimately I started this blog as my way of making a decision to speak out for Him and about Him so that others could come to know and see Him in possibly a different and more real way than ever before.  I started this blog to no longer be silent, but to do my part in making sure others have the opportunity to know the one true God I know.  To know my Jesus.  To know His Spirit and be led by Him. 

I made a decision.  I started this blog.

You made a decision.  You read it.

Together we are Intentional

So, without further adieu and rambling, I want to leave you with this Psalm I read yesterday.  It truly speaks to the need for us to be intentional about everything in our lives and even guides us in how to do that.

1 I will sing of your love and justice;
   to you, LORD, I will sing praise.
2 I will be careful to lead a blameless life—
   when will you come to me?
   I will conduct the affairs of my house
   with a blameless heart.
3 I will not look with approval
   on anything that is vile.
   I hate what faithless people do;
   I will have no part in it.
4 The perverse of heart shall be far from me;
   I will have nothing to do with what is evil.
 5 Whoever slanders their neighbor in secret,
   I will put to silence;
whoever has haughty eyes and a proud heart,
   I will not tolerate.
 6 My eyes will be on the faithful in the land,
   that they may dwell with me;
the one whose walk is blameless
   will minister to me.
 7 No one who practices deceit
   will dwell in my house;
no one who speaks falsely
   will stand in my presence.
 8 Every morning I will put to silence
   all the wicked in the land;
I will cut off every evildoer
   from the city of the LORD. 

Now you, go and be intentional today.  Remember, someone is always watching you.  
And also remember...
To Not Decide...Is To Decide.


misterp said...

Wow I am so proud of your commitments and am honored to be your friend. For even though we have never met in person I still consider you as one of my friends for you have taught me and encouraged me. and this psalm is one that is challenging but one that is attainable if one continues daily in God's word and in prayer as well as on who has great friends that help them to be accountable. Glad to see you blogging again but see that you are taking things in different strides which I see have been more beneficial for you and your family. Way to go and may God bless you and your family in many ways.

ML said...

Thank you for writing this blog. I think you put to words what other writers on blog may feel from time to time!

Thank you for being honest.

Many blessings.

Haelie said...

MisterP - Thank you for continuing to be a faithful reader, encourager, and friend of mine. Many blessings to you and your family as well!

ML - You are so welcome. I know it is a big step to be that honest about blogging, but I felt that many bloggers would identify with my feelings. Thank you for confirming that. I am encouraged that I did do the right thing by writing and sharing this post. Bless you!