Friday, May 6, 2011

Read, Pray, Love...oh yeah, and Work, too

You may have noticed that I have been reading a lot lately.

And, I have just finished a 21 day challenge of praying scripture over my son.

Oh, and love...I'm just blessed to be surrounded by love every day in so many ways.

Life gets hectic.  We know this.  We've been over it quite a bit here on my blog.  Added onto all that I would love to be doing (writing more, meditating alone in a peaceful outdoor sanctuary, etc.) as well as all that I feel responsible and/or obligated to do as a wife and mother, I also have a highly demanding full-time job outside the home which even requires a commute.  I am thankful daily for the stability and security of my job and the provision God offers me and my family through the income I earn from it.  But...with all of the above, it is easy to just get "spent"---frequently.  (Yes, the money gets easily spent, too...on bills, but I am referring to my mind and body.)

That brings me back to Read, Pray, Love.

The reading I have been doing lately (in addition to my daily Bible reading) has helped to replenish and strengthen me in many ways.
  1. I gain fresh insight and guidance by reading what the Lord has taught others.
  2. I am able to share with you some about books you may or may not have been aware of so that you, too, can benefit from the vast resources available to us.
  3. I am "forced" to write more often than I usually make myself do it.  (Thereby helping me not completely neglect putting my thoughts into readable words.)
  4. I even learn by others' writing styles and such so that I can be a better writer myself.
Praying---I cannot say near enough about this.
  1. I need to pray more---and more sincerely.
  2. I need to truly sit and listen to God---to truly connect my heart with His voice.
  3. I have been praying for my son with scriptures and in turn have prayed for myself, my husband, and many others in my life---maybe even you!
  4. Did I say that I need to pray more?  I long for a prayer sanctuary, yet I truly need to become a sanctuary.
And love---oh that beautiful four-letter word.
  1. Love lifted me---when nothing else could help.
  2. I can love and I do love because I am loved.
  3. I am loved first and foremost and to the fullest by God.
  4. I am loved by those whom I love and maybe even by some whom I need to learn to love.
So, whatever your journey in life resembles at this moment, I charge you to Read, Pray, Love---and even be thankful for the Work that may be involved along the way.

Just remember Who is the Reason and Center of it all.  His name is Jesus.

If you've seen Julia Roberts' movie Eat, Pray, Love (based on a true story), my one piece of advice is to not just try it all on for size and pray to whomever or whatever makes you feel good.

Talk to your Maker---The Lord Almighty is His name.  He will guide you, strengthen you, and be the Lover of your soul in this twisted journey of life.  Trust Him alone.


sarah said...

great post....wishing you a happy weekend and mother's day.

micey said...

very nice post! Happy Mother's Day!

misterp said...

I have always been impressed with how you keep up with all that you do, for I have a difficult time doing half of what you do. God has truly blessed you in many ways. I hope you have a wonderful and blessed mothers day. your friend misterp

Pamela said...

A "thinking" post for this mother. As I struggle to "keep first things first" with all that's happening in my life these past few weeks, I needed the reminder. With a house full of company for Emily's graduation next weekend, I have the work end taken care of, but Imneed to remember Read, Pray, Love...


Ginger~~Enchanting Cottage said...

As women we wear so many different have to wear. It's only by prayer that I can do so.
God Bless,

Haelie said...

Thank you all for stopping by. Yes, we mothers do have a lot of hats to wear. Thankfully, God doesn't expect us to fulfill all of our roles in our own strength.

Blessings to you all!

Charlotte said...

I'm glad I am blessed to be able to stay at home. I worked for a few years just before retiring. I don't know how people with as much going on in their lives as you have find time to fit everything in. You are an encouragement to many.
Hope you had a Happy Mother's Day.