Thursday, March 3, 2011

Wow! What an honor!

Last night, after a long, busy, tiring day and week, I received an email from Melissa Mashburn of Mel's World that she wanted to use a piece I submitted to her in her Godly Gals portion (which is a weekly posting on Thursdays by various people other than herself).

And she wants to post it TODAY!  Wow!  I am so honored.

So, head on over to Godly Gals at Mel's World and check out my devo for you today. 

So excited!  Hope you will leave a comment over there to let me (and her) know you dropped by.

Also, another thing I want to let you in on is that I will soon be giving you some breaking news and updates on a new, exciting, huge ministry that is about to be birthed in the very near future by a friend of mine, Christie Love.  Be watching for posts here with lots of intriguing info.  Can't wait!

Have a blessed day!


Diana said...

Congratulations! Heading over now!

Mari said...

How exciting! I'm heading over there now!