Wednesday, March 9, 2011


Are you a leader?

Do you want to be a leader?

Is the thought of any kind of leadership foreign to you or even a bit intimidating?

Do you have no interest whatsoever in being in any leadership role, big or small?

Regardless of your answer to any or all of the above...guess what!

You are a leader!

Like it or not, someone is influenced by you.

Deserve it or not, someone is watching you, following you, and even imitating you.

Regardless of past or present mistakes, regardless of lack of desire for the lime light, we must all face the fact that we are often oblivious to the influence we have on others in our path.

So, now that we've cleared that up, what is a person to do who does not know how to be nor feel worthy or equipped to be a leader?

Well, I am glad you asked!

Coming very soon to a location near you will be a new, exciting ministry geared at helping us all do what it is that so intimidates us and makes us feel unworthy.

(Yes, men, this one is geared toward women, but you can surely help get the word out to women in your sphere who need to hear about this.  Additionally, you can support the women involved in this with your prayers.)

Christie Love went through some tough times in her life a few short years ago, and since then had been given a burden and a vision to reach out to other women who for some reason felt no longer able to be used by God.  She has had the dream of this ministry burning in her heart since she was emerging from a place of suddenly being divorced and a single mom who no longer felt qualified to lead again.  Through her own experience with these heavy feelings of inadequacy, she realized how so many more women must feel the same.  She recognized that we women are very hard on ourselves in so many ways.

God began to work in Christie's heart an undeniable need to help encourage us as women to see ourselves as uniquely equipped to stand up and speak the good news, baggage and all.  After all, without that baggage, we would not so well empathize with our fellow life traveler who happens to be carrying a very similar piece of luggage to the one with which we have become so familiar.  Hence, the uniquely equipped part.

As Christie tells it, she has avoided going full-force into this tugging from God to start this ministry until it was no longer possible to avoid what He was telling her to do---now---not later anymore.

So now is that now!

And LeadHer is that ministry.

And once she fully, completely submitted to His call about three months ago, He has taken her full-blast into this much quicker and deeper and more amazingly than she could have possibly planned for herself.

She finally took hold of the fact that 
"God does not call the qualified; He qualifies the called."

Are you the one who feels unqualified?

He is most likely calling you, too.  

Someway, somehow---He wants to use you, and has plans for you.

He will work out His plans in and through you, whether you think it is possible or not.

Stay tuned this week to find out more specifics of this exciting new ministry known as LeadHer.
You should also go check out their Facebook page and "like" it so you will see their updates.


LivingforGod said...

Excellent post, Haelie! You're very persuasive :). I'm excited to see what God will be doing through LeadHer. Thanks again for introducing me to the LeadHer Blogger Pool!

Haelie said...

Thanks, girl! ;-) And you are welcome. So glad you are in the blogger pool. God will be doing some amazing things through LeadHer and through all of us involved...can't wait to see how it all plays out!