Sunday, September 13, 2015

What a summer! *WARNING - LOTS of pics coming!*

Did you see that?!

Yep, it was the summer. It just flew by like the jet plane we are about to board in a couple of weeks.

And I have been taking pics of it all. What?! You haven't seen them?!

Oh yeah, that's because I have been sharing them in the blog posts and Facebook posts I have been writing in my head.

Well, hopefully this is the first post of several that will remedy that a bit.

I am warning you now that there may not be much writing accompanying the next several posts, so I am hoping the pictures tell some pretty vibrant stories on their own. :) If not...I apologize. Please bear with me. I do have LOTS of pics. Consider yourself warned. ;)

It's now or never.

Without further adieu, here is how our summer began (at least AFTER the last post left off).

Wrapping up our life in South Louisiana (at least temporarily)

Any good southern girl HAS to get one last good "hair-do" from her favorite local hairstylist, right?
Well, I am no different. 
Already missing my sweet Jami at Hair Art Salon in Mandeville, Louisiana.
And since I know you are just dying to see up close pics of the cutest girl in the pic above...

Baby Girl loves her mommy! :)

Matching Mommy 
Getting big enough to sit in the highchair at the restaurant after church

Meanwhile, my husband is hanging out with his Gold Medal Winning Qatar Beach Volleyball players and coaches...

My hubby is the short one

Did I mention he is hanging out with these guys...all over the beautiful beaches?!

In the meantime, I am back in the States working and hanging out with a couple of pretty awesome kiddos including this one:

Handsome, silly boy has this new thing with putting his fingers up in pics ;)

So, there's your start to a little catch up on our crazy, whirlwind of a summer.

More to come...

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