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What's next with #WriteTheWord?

Glad to have you back. 

I think about you all often in our in-between post times and wonder how your #WriteTheWord journey is going. I love when I get surprised by little posts and comments from you sharing what you are learning.

Now that we are back, I am getting very excited as we are sort of drawing to a close but really we are nearing a beginning.

What do I mean by that?

Well, we are nearing the point where I took a (very long) pause from writing The Word through Joshua. I stopped several months ago around chapter 15. My posts here have been taking you through what I had written and learned prior to that pause (so I have been learning it all over again, and more...definitely needed it!).

Once I get you all caught up to where I paused, I will begin writing fresh and anew with you the rest of the way through Joshua. (and if you are writing through another portion of Scripture, you can keep writing along with us and sharing what you are learning in the passages you are writing through.)

While I am catching you up, I'll continue with the multi-chapter posts to zip through. Once I start writing new chapters, I will also start showing you some more extra things I like to do to dig deeper.

Now, here we go with the next group of chapters. 
Are you ready?!

My Chapter 10 Side Notes:
Main point of v.1-6 - Put feet to the words of your oath---even in tough times. 
Do what you say. Live what you say.

Main point of v.7-11 - The LORD alone completes our battles. He fights the enemy FOR & WITH us, so we NEED NOT FEAR.

Main point of v.12-15 - Our God can & will stop the sun for us if that's what it takes to win our battles!

Main point of v.16-21 - Don't let your guard down just because you have small victories along the way.
DON'T STOP! The battle is still on. 
PURSUE YOUR ENEMIES (the strongholds in your life). 
The LORD has given them into your hand.

v.25 - Just as the LORD had said to him... 
(Joshua told his army the same thing God had told him.)
Main point of v.22-27 - Encourage others in the LORD just as He Himself has encouraged you.

Main point of v.28-33 - When we follow & obey the LORD in battle, He gives the enemy into our hand. We have FULL VICTORY with our LORD.

Main point of v.34-39 - Stay on the offense against the enemy by staying in the 
Word of God & in prayer.
Attach the enemy.
Win the victory.
Keep marching.

Main point of v.40-43 - Our LORD is not a dictator. 
Yes, He is holy & mighty, but He also comes alongside us & carries our burdens.
Our LORD fights for us so that we can follow His commands & 
be victorious against our enemy.
He promised us the land. He will help us take it & claim His promise to us.

My Chapter 11 Side Notes:
Main point of v.1-5 - When we are victorious against our enemy 
because our LORD is fighting for us, word spreads!
Often our enemy will gather larger & stronger forces to attack us, 
but our God is still bigger, stronger, & victorious.

Main point of v.6-9 - Our LORD commands us not to fear the enemy & promises us that He will be our DELIVERER!
He guides, instructs, & commands.
We obey.
He delivers.
AND He even delivers when we don't obey!
(P.S. Do you like my superhero sheets to go along with the "deliverer" theme?!)
Main point of v.10-24 - Sometimes we have to wage against the enemy for a long time.
(Big enemy = satan; small enemies, too, like debt, etc.)
Once we have taken the entire promised land, 
we & the land will finally have rest from war.

My Chapter 12 Side Notes:
v.2 - Borders are often waterways of some kind.
Main point of v.1-6 - Even before we reach our Jordan crossing, 
we have some battles to fight & win.
But once we cross the Jordan the battle is not over---
there are many more to come.

v.8 - Arabah = plain or wilderness
Negev = dry, arid; south
WOW! 31 total kings on west of Jordan.
Main points of v.7-8 - Many lessons here:
1.  We will have many leaders in life---
often a different leader for each season.
2.  Sometimes YOU will become the leader for the next season.
Be teachable & ready!
(#3 & #4 are on next pic)

v.8 (cont'd) - Kings are like CEOs on steroids!
Even the ones who may have a quiet, humble strength 
are strong nonetheless or they would not be in their position.
- 2 on the East; 31 on the West. 
I told you there were MORE battles 
AFTER crossing the Jordan!
Main points of v.7-8 (cont'd) - More lessons here:
3.  Even though our equivalent to crossing the Jordan 
may be difficult & take tremendous bravery, 
life will not necessarily be easier on the other side---
it may be harder for awhile!
4.  Can you imagine conquering that many KINGS!?!
With God's help only can you defeat 
the strongest opposition in your life.

WOW! That was a LOT! 
But every bit of it hit me right square between the eyes all over again! 

It's just amazing how God works like that. I did this part of the study a little less than a year ago, yet it is pertinent and perfect timing all over again. Some in the same way as then, and some in a whole new way for this season of my life.

How about you?! 
Keep the updates coming!

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