Sunday, February 16, 2014

Finally...more #WriteTheWord

Have you been writing The Word lately? 

How is it going? 
What are you learning? 
What are you writing?

I must admit, I have not been doing it nearly as much as I should and I can tell by my lack of clear direction right now. Time with God in His Word cannot in any way be replaced by nor substituted with any amount of deep thought, contemplation, nor analysis of any situation. Direction and strength for our paths are in God's Word alone.

With that, let's dig in together! 
I need it, and I bet you do, too.

To continue along with my Joshua study, I'll show you my pics of my Joshua chapter 6 #WriteTheWord pages. And then...I have a little something new for you. :)

Here you go...
My side notes:
v.2 - The LORD speaks deliverance even before it is done.
v.5 - How will the priests know the details and when to do it?
Did God talk to them separately? or did He just guide them?
Main point of v.1-7 - Sometimes advancing is as simple as just marching---putting one foot in front of the other.

v.7-8 - They (the Israelites) marched in front of / ahead of the Ark of the LORD.
v.10 - Be silent when God says to, but shout when God says to.
Main point of v.8-11 - Sometimes the beginning of the battle (for souls and all) is just quiet, faithful obedience.

Main point of v.12-16 - Getting up early to do God's work and study His Word sometimes seems repetitive, pointless, and fruitless. Sometimes it feels like "just going through the motions." BUT...there IS a 7th day ahead with a 7th march around and then we will SHOUT in VICTORY!!! He HAS GIVEN us the city!!!

v.17 - God doesn't cut out words nor people associated with shame. 
v.20 - Trumpets Sound & People Shout! Walls Collapse & People Charge! 
Battles are WON!
Main point of v.17-21 - Our gracious Redeemer shatters walls and wins our battles.

v.21 - To be honest this was a tough verse (which I actually included in the page above and realized it after I had written it and therefore drew a line through it on this page). It was tough as many of the battles in the Old Testament are. I have to trust my sovereign God with His purposes and plan and ways, even when they are tough for me to wrap my head around. I have since read and studied and listened to many commentaries on battles like these. The perspectives have been helpful. I encourage you to seek out trusted Bible scholars and pastors to help you understand things like this as well.
v.23 - God BRINGS OUT sinners from their sinful life by His forgiveness and grace.
Main point of v.22-27 - Do NOT attempt to rebuild or revisit what God has brought you out of!!!

Wow! That was a lot in one fairly short chapter!

As a matter of fact, I will leave you to chew on that for a while then will come back in the next day or two with that new stuff I was telling you about earlier.

Now, go #WriteTheWord and come share with me where you are and what you are learning!

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