Thursday, October 27, 2011

God Makes Lemonade ~ Created by Don Jacobson

Has life handed you a few lemons?  Some much larger than others, I bet.

Well, Don Jacobson has compiled a collection of "true stories that sweeten & inspire" in his book God Makes Lemonade.  In this collection, Don (who is the former president and owner of a major publishing company, Multnomah) has given us several true, short stories written in the words of the people who experienced them.  Each story is unique, though they all share the quality of reminding us how God truly does turn some very sour life situations into a sweet, refreshing drink of Living Water when we need it most.

Some stories will make you laugh, many will make you cry (or at least get a little moisture in your eyes)...but all do remind you that you are not alone in the trials you face in life.

From a story of a father who learned to show love and grace to his son after initially belittling him for his uncontrollable bedwetting problem, to stories of dire financial straights and the strength that came through enduring those times and learning of God's loving provision first-hand, to stories of unexpected and unwanted health issues, to a story of twins who share a unique bond that is miraculously enhanced through a life-threatening many true life events and lessons...straight from those who have lived them.

If you so choose to read this first installment of a planned series, you may discover that you even know someone who has written in it (as I do!).  You may even feel led to submit your own story.  Additionally, by purchasing this book you will be benefiting the LemonAid Foundation which is a foundation that directly supports single mothers ~ a group of people Don Jacobson and his wife Brenda are passionate about helping.

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Faith Imagined said...

I'm so excited about this book! You can read my story about my twin -- it is the last one :) Thanks for sharing what God is doing in the Lemondade books!