Sunday, November 15, 2009

Deep Thoughts...

"I'm still learnin' what I believe. Sometimes I'm a hero, sometimes I'm a fool." That's part of a song I heard tonight on the radio somewhere between Baton Rouge and New Orleans. So very true!!!

This won't be a long post, since I know I gave you quite an assignment in the last one. Besides, I've got to get some rest before my week of working in New Orleans starts tomorrow.

Here's a deep thought for ya'...

If you were to spend only 5 minutes a day hearing negative news (sounds like a fairly typical day, doesn't it!?!), how do you think that would affect you? Well, as a matter of fact, on that very same radio station tonight I heard that a study was done with just that notion in mind. And, after a certain period of time (maybe a month, but forgive my lack of recall as I have just driven 5 1/2 hours after a full weekend) the group of people who were tested in that way were notably depressed and fearful and even had begun to believe that many of the same very bad things reported on the negative news were very likely to happen to them as well. Sound familiar? Then, stop exposing yourself to all of that negativity (quite possibly far more than 5 minutes a day, I bet!)! As I tell you that, please know that I have 3 fingers pointing back at me.

On a more positive note, some of the most powerful and influential speakers and writers of any time (past and present) have merely written and/or spoken out of the vast amount of great, contemplative thoughts that have poured through their minds! That means, all of those deep things you and I think about all day and night could potentially be channelled into something that can be used to inspire and help others...all from our own deep thoughts! (Of course, if you are working on that challenge I posed to you in my last post, then you are quite possibly learning Who is the true inspiration and author of those great deep thoughts and more...)

Contemplate this..."For as he thinks within himself, so he is." (Proverbs 23:7) Who are you?


Nathan said...

Very very true, but also easily forgotten. As I grew up I used to believe that it didn't matter what I put into my mind for I was strong enough and my faith was strong enough. How wrong I was. This blog is a great reminder that what we allow in will have an effect.

This is what I love about this blog and the ML site, it is like a pool of positive thoughts and comments and people.

Haelie said...

Nathan, I have been meaning to tell you thanks for your feedback here! The computer I normally work from does not let me enter comments on my own blog (it's messed up!), but I am on one today that does, so I am just now able to respond. Thanks again! ~Haelie